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dallas laughing at you. they know you'll have to come crawling to old j.r. >> the man wew for his role at j.r. ewing has died. larry hagman was it and people awaythis a few seconds later an entire building is gone. best-selling author kitty kelly very rare of president john f. kennedy for her latest talking to her about "capturing camelot.)m" thanks for joining us on weekend express today. our top story, actor larry
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hagman from the hit show "dallas" has died at the age of rove cliff to attempt suicide? >> how was i to know he w a dumb thing like that? >> the man behind the character j.r. ewing died at a dallas hospital from coméçications of cancer. a lot of people remember him as the villain that they loved to hate on that show that ran for 14 seasons. hagman also played major tony nelson on the '60s sitcom "i dream of jeanne" he was in the middle of shooting season 2 of the "dallas" reboot. his family said in a statement "larry as back in his beloved dallas re-enacting the iconic role he loved most. larry's family and close friends had joined him in dallas for the thanksgiving holiday. when he passed he was surrounded by loved ones. it was a peaceful passing just as he had pushed for." celebs also took to twitter and facebook to send their condolences. hagman's appearances on season two of "dallas" will air this january on tnt which like hln is a division of time warner.
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larry hagman is survived by his wife, two kids and five grandkids. in about 30 minutes we'll hoe you more of the late actor's long life and amazing career. boxer hector macho camacho has died. according to a hospital spokesman in puerto rico. at one time camacho held the light wiegt and junior lightweight world championships. he was shot in the face tuesday in puerto rico while in a car. he was declared brain-dead on thursday. yesterday his mother said that she would make the tough final decision about removing him from life support. a big gas explosion obliterated a strip club in massachusetts. you can see the blast in this video. it caused a massive fireball and jolted people ten miles away. luckily some people smelled gas beforehand so everybody got out in time. here's what the area looks liked to. 18 people were hurt in the aftermath. most of them were firefighters who were called into the scene and gas company workers who were trying to cut off utilities.
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but the explosion scared many people in springfield, even those on the other side of town. >> i jumped. i could feel the garbage cans move next to me. i could heart windows shaking. automatically i knew where it came from. i could tell it came from this part of the city. >> explosion damaged about two dozen other buildings nearby. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. an alabama sheriff's deputy was shot and killed responding to a family dispute. scott ward was a 15-year veteran of the baldwin county sheriff's office. another deputy was hurt. it's believed that this man, michael janzen pulled a gun and started shooting. he was also killed. >> everybody's pretty tore up. it's a difficult situation. and the sheriff's office in some respects is a large agency the largest law enforcement agency in baldwin county. we're still small enough that everybody's very close. i had personally worked with this deputy a majority of my career.
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i knew him very well. >> wkrg reports the wounded deputy is in critical condition. a third deputy was with them but was not hurt at the shootout. walmart is calling its black friday events the best ever. the retailing giant says the crowds were larger than last year and scenes like this seemed to back that up. this battle for what appears to be video game consoles was in tucson, arizona. walmart stores across the country open at 8:00 on thursday night. in the first four hours the company says its cash registers were ringing up 5,000 items every second. walmart was also targeted by protesters. they say the company needs to give workers better pay and benefits. at least some walmart employees took part in the demonstrations. >> they say do this do that none of it works. this is the only way we can get our voice out there is speaking with the media speaking to the public. >> just a matter that they have to do things right for the
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employees. that's all. >> if doing things right for the employees means you have to pay more for your tv what do you think about that? >> that's something else you know? when your pay is low and everything you charge up high that's something that's not going to work. but that's a country problem. >> nine demonstrators were arrested in california for failing to disperse. union backed organizers claim thousands of supporters showed up in 100 cities but walmart says it knew of only a few dozen protests. the company called them a made for tv event. all this fuss over some yoga pants. women were screaming at a victoria's secret in kansas just after midnight on thanksgiving. nearly 100 people showed up for the deal. there were no major incidents, though. for those pants were on sale for $12.95. normally they go for about 50 bucks. a stash of cash that ended up at a goodwill by mistake is
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back with its owner. a store in st. louis found more than $14,000 in a donation bin. the manager wanted to return it but 15 different people said it was theirs. so goodwill let a judge decide. >> not only am i delighted that there was resolution but i'm delighted with the resolution. because clearly from everything we can tell this lady whose parents had hidden the money deserved that money. >> the money went to a woman who had hired a company to sell her parents' things. she said that her mom had a history of hiding cash. super storm sandy could hurt new york well into the holiday season. that's because the city could lose a lot of tourism dollars. the statue of liberty is closed and some museums are still cleaning up after the storm. >> i don't think that the impact on tourism will be felt only in lower manhattan. we have some museums and attractions that are not yet
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open and some that are partially open. so i think we'll have to see. we had almost 10 million last year as you know. and i'm hoping they will still come to see what is here. >> we knew that the statue of liberty would be closed. but that obviously didn't deter us from coming out here. >> new jersey, on the other hand, is more worried if the shores will be ready for tourists this summer. a big weekend for college football rivalries, tom. you know that. there's some important matches across the country. what kind of weather can fans expect? >> depends on where they're playing. most cases cooler than normal temperatures. we had some games in snow some games yesterday wind chill in the teens. you can see it's rivalry weekend. notice the rain oregon and oregon state. other places too rutgers at pittsburgh south carolina at clemson, georgia tech at georgia, florida-florida state. there are a number of games. but it looks like the best is number one notre dame. usc 70-degree weather and
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sunshine. that's after the morning fog starts to burn off. here's our look across the country. what we can expect you can see a little rainfall the rain for the oregon game. pacific northwest there is some snowfall. parts of idaho, wyoming, montana, too. we've got some advisories and watches in effect there. the rainfall continues, not so much in the seattle area but another cold front again with blustery conditions move in. the wind's picking up. we still have lake effect snows. we won't seat highr# totals that we had in minnesota, wisconsin and michigan. but i wouldn't be surprised to see a 7 to 9 inch total in some areas. advisories for the lake effects snow. that's accompanieded with winds, too. we're right into winter it seems like after a very mild thanksgivi you're waiting for tomorrow some of the best conditions maeas of course in the first hard freeze across the deep south. high pressure in the middle of the country. this is the cold front that brought in the winds of change. we've got another one on the way that will be dropping in from the north. in looking at temperatures to be
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even cooler. the wind kicking up. i don't think this one's going to make it all the way across the u.s. really no severe weather anywhere in the country right now, natasha, very good news. just a littl blustery. >> i guess that's still shopping weather if you bundle up. peel layers off. so much to carry. thanktom. >> suk gives us a glimpse of jfk's presidency through best-selling author kit joins me to discuss her new book.
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a groom to be in south carolina is about to get a new kidney from his fiancee's best friend. andy is just 27 and didn't think he had health problems. he found out his kidneys are failing. he would have to wait two years for a donor kidney. he started looking for live donors. his fiancee's bff was the first to offer. turns out she's a perfect match. >> this gives me a chance to live a more normal and healthier life because someone is being so selfless in giving up a vital or organ like a kidney. >> they love each other so much. it's a great example of a relationship. you're like why them. but i think that god gives the biggest burdens to the people who can carry the weight. >> allison and andy's fiancee
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brittany have been friend since their freshman college year. john f. kennedy's presidency is known as the camelot years. many people are fascinated by the kennedy's families triumphs and some of those memorable moments are in kitty kelly's new book "capturing camelot." kitty joins me now. you have a funny story about how you got ahold of all these pictures. tell us about that. >> the photographer stanley treddick is the photographer who took that iconic picture of john john under his father's desk which is probably -- probably the best-known picture ever taken in the oval office. stanley was a very good friend of mine. and i took care of him in the last years of his life when he had a stroke. and he left me all of these pictures. i used to visit him at his house. and i'd say, he had this marine corps locker that he used as a coffee table. i said stanley, what do you have in there? and he'd look at me and wink and
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say, nude photos. and after he died the trunk was delivered to the house. and my husband said what's in there? and i said nude photos. he said, open the trunk. i said no i don't want to remember stanley that way. so we opened the trunk, and instead of nude foe photos it was the most sentimental, precious collection of letters from the president, notes from jackie, a tea towel, inscribed pictures diary excerpts memos from stanley to his editor talking about how he got these exclusive pictures. so because it had been a gift to me, i did nothing to earn it. i decided to give it back. and i am doing that with this book. and all profits and proceeds will go to the public libraries in washington, d.c. >> jackie kennedy was particularly protective of her children. what made her give stanley
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access to the family especially of the kids? >> well she didn't really give access in the beginning. in fact that famous exclusive four days that stanley got with the president and his son, he got that only when jackie left the country. she was very protective of the children. she refused to have them exploited in any way. so stanley frequently worked at cross purposes one time to get pictures. he was at hyannisport photographing the shrivers and he sent caroline into the compound with a little brownie camera. he said, now you want to learn how to take pictures. you take pictures of your mommy, of your daddy and your little brother and then you bring them back to me. well, when pierre salinger the press secretary found out, he nearly removed stanley's white house press credentials. but in the end -- >> it all worked out, didn't it? some compelling photographs you
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share in this book kitty. >> jackie said to stanley that she was so happy that he and the president had gone against her wishes. she said this to him after the assassination. because#b
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you "gangnam style" check out this holiday lights display intexas. ♪ ♪ decked out his of he did a great job syncing them up to the song. now, being a teen isn't always especially easy especially for kids with certain challenges. but one young woman is using her love of theater to give i all kids a chance to shine. here's today's break through woman. are members of unified theater, a performing arts nonprofit that bringsout . >> are you guys ready? >> michaela conry club in her high school in connecticut. she was inspired b kelsey born with multiple disabilities. >> i remember getting to high disabilities in my classroom. so in unified theater we pull in all kids from every walk of life
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and we give them a place to belong where they're going to supported. >> i can always act with specific talent. >> more than a decade later the unified acting p schools across the country. michaelatudents to carry her vision back to their schools. >> she showed everyone that everyone can do anything. ever unified theater groups and i see nothing but amazi to rock their world. black friday is comedy gold on late night tv. jimmy kimmel takes us shopping for some zingers and punch lines. >> these people are not shopping.--
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ ♪ pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. it's very simple for notre dame tonight. within the and they'll play for a bcs national championship. by the way, winning at notre dame is also great for business for the business of college football, joe, right? >> you've got it. college football has turned into a business. notre dame is one of the biggest moneymakers. when it comes to popularity among sports fans across the country, notre dame is on par with the yankees, dallas
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cowboys, l.a. lakers. notre dame win or lose has been considered an iconic sports franchise. this year they're winning so things are good. according to one of the largest online retailers for sports inside notre dame's purchase a top seller this year. purchases were made in all 50 states. 93% of the purchases outside of the state of indiana. when these guys played oklahoma earlier in the year game three of the world series is on the tv at the same time. notre dame drew some 8 million tv viewers, just as many as the world series did. the av for notre dame road games up 51% this year. tonight's game against usc should draw huge numbers and big dollars, more than this university has seen in 20 lsu's jarvis landry this guy is the man. came down with maybe one of the best catches of the year. a one-handed grab. the replay is the best. i love it. the ball? it's actually thrown behind him. he still manages to catch it and still manages to stay inbounds for the touchdown!
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lsu would go on to beat arkansas 20-13. keeping an s.e.c. championship within reach. they need alabama to lose today and texas a & m to win. if that happens they will play georgia neck week in the s.e.c. title game. well the kansas city chiefs. . they're having a terrible season. just one win, nine losses. as you can see their fans are embarrassed. some of them paper bagged it last week. oh, you know you're bad when you wear a paper bag to the game. even while giving away free turkeys this week wide receiver dexter mccluster could not escape the frustration the fans are feeling. >> y'all got to start winning some games. >> definitely. we're working hard. >> i believe that. i'll be praying for y'all. but y'all are coming up short. >> yeah. but you got to pray a little harder. >> y'all got to work a little harder. >> definitely. there's always room for work. >> that's right. see, she's honest. you guys got to work a little harder. mccluster said you know what? she put me in my place. he took no offense and said you're right. we do need to work harder.
9:26 am
she's right. it's going to be pretty difficult, natasha, for this team to pick up their first home win of of season. they play the red hot denver broncos winners of five straight. i'm thinking maybe a couple more weeks of the paper bags. >> i feel bad for them. >> i know. >> got to get better. >> thanks. are you ready for some christmas carolers with basketballs? ? >> that's the holiday tune "carol of the bells" played by dwight howard, carmelo anthony, joe johnson, russell westbrook and dwyane wade. nice work guys. did you see their single colored jerseys here? they will bewaring these special unifollows on christmas day. the black friday shopping frenzy is serious business. but comedian jimmy kimmel found some humor in it last night.
9:27 am
>> they call it black friday because that is the color of your soul after you trample an old lady or a wafflemaker. when the doors open the mayhem starts. there's trampling, there's punching kicking. this is the wonderful time of the year when walmart becomes the thunder dome. right now members of the geek squad are huddled in a corner frightened for their lives. i can't believe my people are doing this to celebrate the birth of jesus. there it is. this is a good one. that is -- oh, look at that. wigs are half off. >> something big will be missing from christmas in santa monic [ both ] people loved our wedding slide show. that is the end... of
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carousel one. ...of carousel one. there's carousel tl right! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta esty rotel tomatoes and green chiles'7of queso that makes even this get-toer better. you can get eferred network pharmacy like walgreen where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of he united states -- only $15 a month.nrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. ♪♪ i ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪g to prove ♪ ♪ i'd have nothing to losü [ male announcer ] zales is the diamond store. take an extra 10 percent off now through sunday. re many hats in his career. but is best known for the stetson that he wore on "dallas". despite roles on stage, remembered as the villainous j.r. ewing. >> and you drove cliff to attempt suicide? >> how was i to know he was going to do a dumb thing like that? >> when j.r. was shot by awn
9:29 am
known assailant, it became one of the most famous cliff hangers in tv history. watched by 300 million people from all around the world. hagman never expected the show to endure. >> i just started this show doing six shows. i never thought i'd do 300. >> in fact the dallas franchise was so successful the series was recently repriced. the u.tnt brought it back with a new generationf ewings and hagman came eturning as j.r. once again. critics say he was the best thing about "dallas." but explaining the character's appeal, hagman once said "the time is ripe for a real bad guy, and i'm it." >> have a good day to have a wonderful day, jeanne. >> it was a good guy who larry hagman blasted into people's living rooms playing astronaut tony nelso jeanne." the show was a hit in the 1960s popular in syndication. even as a kirksd hagman orbited
9:30 am
in show biz as the son of peter pan star mary martin his movie roles included cellar" and "hare and tonto." hagman became immensely wealthy. he had houses he had cars, he had vices. two of them included drinking and smoking. he smoked for 24 years, gave it up and became an anti-smoking activist and spokesman for the american cancer society. >> listen. i met at least 30 or 40 people that said they quit because of my personal involvement, which makes me feel really good. >> he stoppeded drinking in 1995 when he was diagnosed with liver cancer and underwent a life-saving transplant. >> in recent years, hagman appeared on the big screen in
9:31 am
films like "nixon" and "primary colors". but it is his role as the charming and conniving oldman that audiences will never forget. colleen mcedwards, cnn, atlanta. >> larry hagm old. one of the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives has been captured in mexico. and jose signs may be brought back to the u.s. as soon as this weekend. he's los angeles, including the deaths of two rival gang members and his girlfriend. black friday shoppers at a target in colorado got quite a scare. a gunman fired a round inside the store. aurora police say a man in a ski mask went into the pharmacy and pulled out a gun. then he fired into the ceiling and ran off. the store said shoppers were yelling and screaming. it's about four miles from the theater
9:32 am
where the shooting rampage happened last summer. there was black friday drama in michigan, too. apparently a fight broke out at a mall in grand crap inside. this happened around 1:30 in the morning. at some point the pepper spray came out. police arrested at lease two people. here is more proof that the holiday season has begun. new york held its 110th annual sidewalk santa parade down fifth avenue. it's a fundraiser for the volunteers of america, which helps feed the hungry. the santas raise money for food vouchers so people can get the food they want and not just what's left at a food pantry. and check out the bieb shaking hands with canada's prime minister. steven harper presented justin bieber with a diamond jubilee medal. it honors achievements by ca yad canadians. people saw this picture and lit up twitter. they couldn't believe bieber wore that outfit for the occasion. he played a concert, though a
9:33 am
short time afterward. congressman jesse jackson jr. is resigning. that's after dealing with bipolar disorder and other health problems for nearly a year. he said wednesday that he need to spend time getting better. he's been away from d.c. for most of the year. jackson is also being investigated for possibly trying to get president obama's old senate seat in exchange for fundraising. he has denied doing anything wrong. a young groom is about to get a selfless gift from his fiancee's friend.
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went to the hospital after threw a pumpkin at her! someone driving a white sedan o the hospital but is to be victim in chest, causing enough injury where she transported to a local area hospital. you've got to factor in how fast car was driving and also the person t pumpkin out of the vehicle. it did she chest.
9:37 am
aay t it's a felony. swept away by official treed by the city of union beach where people started decorating it right there on the 's a symbol ofe hard-hit>> a few days later, we noticedtree. somebody else ca along and put inspirational that point we were kind of jpretty excited about town pulls >> it the eye. because it makesafter something so hristmas=q card to show our town how we're not going to losepe. >> and that sign that sandy, you you see in the hat toweringspringfield, feetest float in thisbig balloons. rowd lined main street to seat popular post-thanksgiv parade. e family drove allork just to see it. expected santa claus showed up. this yea in south carolina is about to get a new kidney from his best friend. antevepau is just he found out hiling. he would have to wait two years for a d started ing for live donors. his fiancee's bff was the first
9:38 am
to offer. turns out she's a perfect match. es me a normal and healthier life because someone is selfless in giving of a vital organ like a kidney. >> they love each other so much. and it's just this great example ip. and you're like why them? but i think that god gives the biggest burdens to the people who can carry the weight. >> allison and andy's fee aun say brittany have been friend since their freshman; college year. a new stove can charge your phoneour lives better in developing countries. gary tuckman has the story this week's start small think big. >> reporter: if you need a fire just go camping. inventorers cedar and alec drummond camp stoves weren't cutting it. >> the problem with liquid fuel i've had this experience is that they're very finnicky. biolightm burning wood and turns it electricity. >> we connect these two wires, this huge ball of flame, clean
9:39 am
flame comes out of the stoves. wasuú really thes. we had clean combustion driven by it ownctrical generation. >> reporter: the generated energy can charge electronics through a usb port. but it also powers a fan that e efficient and creating less an flame alsoe busine when they learned about thearly half the worlds cook on smoky open leads to nearly 2 millionñq deaths annually. >> reporter: the inventors went back to work and created a home stove. >> c2noming to understa that ther broader global need fbor clean cook stoves was a real impetthis towar being a business rather6. than just a project. >> reporter: prototypes are and africa.olight hopes the same
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r1wo brothers serving their
9:42 am
country saw each other for the threey< years. chad were different e home to florida from iraqo7i and kuwait for the holidays and even got to met his for thetime. >> i never in a million years thought i would actua birth, watching them reunited after three years has been incredible.
9:43 am
they left as little boys in my eyes and. >> the chad said the first thing he wants to do now that he's home is change and eat. if you think santa's elves are busyt fed-ex. the company is gearing up for its busiest day ever. on monday december 10th. workers will deliver more than 19 million packages. that's up 10% from last year's busiest day and more than double the volume fed-ex handles on a typical day. online shopping is driving all of this. fed-ex has hired 20,000 seasonal workers to help. couple refused to move and so the town built a new road around their house. check it out. this is in china. the couple says the government did not giv eno property without the owner's is the compromise. this fight hasng on for about four years. the city of the christmas story probably have its nativity scene this year. a federal judge ruled that santa monica can ban the display that got the city that nickname. the display's been put up in palisades park for decades, but the city banis year saying it became
9:44 am
too costly. >> amounts to an erosion of first amendment liberty for religious speech in this country. it's just one more step in the slippery slare obviously very pleased with the court's decision. it's a decision that we believe fully comports with existing constitutional law. >> supporters of the nativity scene say the c the ban to avoid controversy because atheist groupu[q-s wanted to put up their own display. one teen was shocked when her dad surprised her after a long tour in afghanistan. it happened right in the middle of her dance rehearsal in vegas. watch. [ screamin >> militarylot. they -- they don't always get the -- they get all the good. >> it would have been special any time. but just a little bit more emotional with the holidays. >> he's the bestdad. morris just finished his last deployment. he was gone foryear. surprise knowing about it.
9:45 am
morris's son kyle said his dad's gone a lot, but when he's home it's all worth it. 22-year-old stefa henry vanished after spending the day memorial day trip in 2007. the college graduate went home to get ready for what was supposed to be a fun night out surveillance photos taken at a nightclub show the last kno images of stefa. >> stefa was a brilliant young girl. was 22. had just graduated from john jay college in new york and had traveled down to the miami area to be with her sister for her sister's to this day, she's never been found. but one day, her body is going to be found. one day we will know how stefa henry died. >> nancy grace will have much more on the disappearance of stefa henry. "nancy grace mysteries" airs at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here on
9:46 am
hln. nfl star drew brees is a hero in new orleans. now he's helping people who would likely consider him the enemy, at least in a football sense. l. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. n [ male announcer ] the only thing better than is susing her with one. save the surprise. to only at the diamond store. ♪ i'm lost in the light ♪ú6zñ
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so wha be small bus today s are being support their local small businesses. about a third of independent retailers say that today most important shopping day of the year. many of them admit that they can't prices. but one p shoppers are a revolt against the big box stores. moorhead for pushing a player and yelling at game. so h#t he going to miss a game? joe carter joining us now for e latest on that. >> he's suspended one game. i was kind ofme. this is not the f time seen shawn woods lose his cool. earlier this mth when they played maryland he was yelling in the face of a sort of lost histime. wednesday niheain. he lost his cool. hed a player in the back after that player4[ in the and yelled at him ove athletic director looked at the tape and suspend woods yesterday. is is the first coead state. this is his first season. he quickly apologized. said his inap ment in sight over a third of the season has been canceled including the league's
9:49 am
premiere event which is the winter classic which is that great hockey game that they play outdoors. all right. so when you buy premium seats to a sporting event, you expect to feel close to the action, close to the team. but you do not! it's like a sweaty arm pit in your face. i'm kidding. >> t magic forward glen big baby davis. they call him big baby because he's 6'9" 289 pounds. that's right in your lap. >> is he okay? >> yeah, he's fine. and the fans are fine. and look. gave nice big hug for davis or as natasha likes to call him, sweaty arm pit. >> they all have sweaty arm pits don't they? but he dmooeft stands after a loose ball there. he tried. >> it's what they do. they're hard players. they go aftero to get the ball. the fans got a lot more than they paid for. >> a hug. thanks so much, joe. drew brees was one of the most inspirational leaders in o rebuild after hurricane katrina. well now he wants to save for people in the northeast. his wife brittany told cbs they formed the brees
9:50 am
dream foundation which will commit $1 million to help with super storm sandy relief efforts. that matches the pledge that the nfl and players union made to the red cross just da not be shy if you u in sulfur springs, texas. it's made out of glass. when you're inside you can out ofan see people trying to look inside at you. but don't wo they cannot see you. >> i was excited about just really unique. and i've been standing outside not see in so it wasn't too bad. it was strange when you had four the door. but they couldn't see me. >> this is in the downtown square remodelled after a project by an italian artist. we know you spend the first atday and sunday hln. but what else are you up to? we want to see what weekends in america look like in yourd' hometown. shoemar captured this eet moment in colorado springs, colorado. look at the mama and her fawn. she says she's thankful for photo ops like this. deer had been walking through her front yardlvikee?j9gow0r 7:00" ea gxu"ñ é ho d m ngst37
9:51 am
lvi some hapha n imut th ñ-year-olepha h imotngay l9 tedot oaszardi ge ing d-ór aalntir. sive y hasbden down p t rti ÷o0@+th c study eion la! c wil g nt'so aat had l]mfta sng b hç close w,>n i h heoifound,t ¢ llle8eo for ni you rethq gh ra tells hisa.sñ wife hid n vibert s ster h tepha y h?+ sircy. n shehsloar .taywe aed unan noti sol3u it ?gh y'sth@ñ f ghn g,ofcar. rd
9:52 am
úmña"5 s, it's soyou, too! dto come over!thpgis c%+lepotta aeaular guy 9yn?thnot today. bob has afib:us ditionhat putsorgps ] turn left.arwarfarin5ú]a different xarelto® is the first and ood thinner with afibtine blood monioring.®fid& h w she the tg opens someone brought her her school education, her job, she's persistentve up fait hope. lly ll me? leaving no touch with ágkmo andlems. you can find thenu every ca y it had been through a cleanup b. but piceer floor board.tcovers profuseod bsible to the nakedbu put down board andhed d and hk soaked sure you can seat cover and you see the blood tha
9:53 am
chve stepha. 0dce hopes of >>have areof l was ing back and t f t ande,the upperhe aassive amount stepha's 3bl soaking through the4 floath the carphi+ a sleeping in a vehicleng cana jamaica seyn. ng hung at other stores in 's he'sfawhere. f >> eve are, tell yr motherca we'll >> very a now, are notthe crime begins innocuous issues suchcsk-)rhb
9:54 am
s recovered, determined to haven purchased dence that is conclyee neder chargiknng tampering with]evidence. g r back who is the police. pi like to tan look a clu t ther weft. we don't kwith. >> ould bor our . timep with heridhe t and theyery time get to her. lied about f charge ; theed in theudelh. knohasdic judges, do n instruion a personakhe thisse area wwy imy livin ye t at echiial, that wh you lea at goivare blankets that wasay wantedive in belithat@z.xy(:cn)/zyg/¥wj7"nñ
9:55 am
go1@%a k williams isnd waiting f or notev n but befo dy. charged with tampering with evidencf theconddegree?mu body maybe aas a[[ speúvedy trial u >> stepha's f she'lod in the know that they don't think that survived
9:56 am
blood loss but they "a they went to t u concert.oing to a n she he's t this is the b e goes to e club she's photographed inside the cl >> prosecutors i go forward in this casw even th gh they body. car.nd of her blood. so case. they can prosecute without a body. they don't body. becau not picked up stepha the last time alive, but t that was taken hoto that phopos7tial video the club was that was good polic have any idea what on e i time but he left her there did so i t er lesaid he's sti stil iewing >> kendricayedour ly there's been a" deys requebu of2013. e=f g a . have been going around os(me saidyaw they dont]'t think formation i get at allhe b malls. i wbo turday i went .
9:57 am
student, wanting t t miami lvlue that we that her,erre e forensic evidencejy blood that was accura.&& ked in january ofth theder of step i>> there's so muchthat[2 aury will nev tion! cannot know abouttorynless introducestance 5/s had an w ang she says io thee breshi m7/ violencon w atomething shepl used to her wa brings a smile to my face. other times a tear. got intohe time ias 15 i was s 2osop . new9a group of friends th th i want todw: >> welcome to friday nightbing. that's good to y er a anybod.that all the programs aree fre hours ou're your to new ri4itraining, stre really wimpleitting rock oinq jumpstart me rl i going out boxingbiking g having fu proud of bei ely nd there are who ar compromise? >> we're democr wws shou ( wre would?itheth tried to litigateletz the p6h0 . >> another burning betwern that besá pay-per-vig alrea the past.
9:58 am
>> ink norenceut had aouncil whetepper 's i bheh.w. even though you'r still can > daionhe other side othe break. marie callender's it makes hat the holays evenrpor it'suwwhat we suffer fan we think .. like treally big deal.5m t like at works difre soy. s and children one yearc and olderg her medicines.evelop a or signs of unusual beim children and adolescents in particul increased rizueie fl prlue-aa,yj absoly. >> best bookert the fol up on morris she the t,.zh ow. 4hcebw all day and all nigh w c downloadsurchasing prevacid24hr. prevent acid allth prevacid24hr.
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